Monday, 27 December 2010

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Proper snow

The rest of the country seems to have had snow for weeks, but it only reached bedford yesterday. So today we took Marisca for her first walk in the snow:

The Mountain Buggy performed beautifully, both on the paths and through the trees:

Marisca thought snow looked odd, but couldn't play with it as much as she would have liked as we'd trapped her hands in mittens:

But she enjoyed watching it fall off the trees when Daddy swung on the branches!

My new nappies arrived

My new nappies arrived yesterday, and with them came this new toy! I like it very much. I hope I get some more of these for Christmas!

I'm not always smiling...

The joys of digital photography means that we can take hundreds of photos of our beautiful girl, then delete all the ones where she isn't smiling or is looking less intelligent than usual. This can give a slightly skewed idea of life - Marisca has her moments:

Tim's parenting style involves sympathy at all times:

And don't worry - a quick cuddle with Daddy and Risky was back to her usual smiling self!


Marisca graduated from the baby bath to the big bath a couple of months ago - much more room for splashing around. We did buy a bath seat for her, but have never used it as she is perfectly happy (and stable!) just sitting in the water. Her current fascination is with the bath plug, so we spend a lot of time preventing her from pulling it out.

And while we think out girl is getting bigger by the day, here's a reminder that she's still quite small really:

(yes, this does show up the grim state of the tiles in our bathroom. If anyone would like to come round and clean them for us they are very welcome! I'd rather play with my girl than scrub grouting...)

A little photoshoot

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Seven months

I'm late with this post - sorry. Marisca had a cold last week, and I got some yukky virus which meant I had no energy so blogging was not top of my list of priorities. Still, we're all better now:

It's been a fun month. Sitting is old hat now, no pillows needed for support any more! Marisca now gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth, but is showing no signs of wanting to crawl just yet. This is good, as it means I can still pop out to the kitchen to get a cup of tea knowing she won't have got into mischief while I'm away. Favourite toys at the moment are ribbons, an old necklace, juggling cubes and anything Mummy or Daddy are holding and trying to use. You will note there are no *actual* baby toys in that list...

And - whisper it - sleeping is getting better, with much less protesting. Or maybe I've finally got to the stage of coping with the crying! Marisca is pretty predictable with nap times, which means we have a routine of sorts to our days. It's not Gina Ford, but it works for us. The best bit of my day? Walking into Marisca's room after a nap and seeing the huge smile she gives me every time. Melts my heart :-)

Sunday, 5 December 2010


We thought for a while that Marisca's animal would turn out to be lions, what with the MGM connection and all, but it seems that giraffes are the way forward. Never more so than in these photos, wearing a giraffe vest and a giraffe jumper, and doing one of her favourite things, playing with Raff's tail.

The photos are a month or so old but I just found them again and wanted to share!


Marisca's first snow, while dressed as little red riding hood. I think we were more excited than she was!