Sunday, 9 March 2014

Beamsley Beacon revisited

We've been here before.  About a year ago.  The weather was much better today, although not quite as nice as it was when we got in the car to go out.

As well as the weather, Marisca's disposition was much sunnier.  From the road to the top of the beacon is a little more than half a mile, and she wouldn't stop chattering about how much she liked walking, how she could climb on the rocks, and how brilliant the hill was.  Tom had a good trip too, not a single whinge while he was in the back pack.

Looking forward to many more walks like this.

Tom at home

Quite often my posts have more of Marisca in that of Thomas.  Usually I take my camera when we're out and about, and being winter, it can mean that we end up with many more pictures of the girl.  So I decided to get my camera out at home today.

Tom is lots of fun at the moment.  He's really interested in things - putting in and pulling out of others things; things with wheels; things which stack.  He's just had his walking switch flicked this week - although he's faster crawling, for the past few days he's walking everywhere.  I realise I didn't take any pictures of this, so you'll have to trust me on it.

Tom also loves to copy.  He's picking up words from his sister, which is lovely.  In particular he'll roar at any picture of a scary animal - lions, gruffaloes, etc.  Also the rabbit in 'Hide and Seek Pig' (currently his favourite book).  And that roaring is super-cute when accompanied by a scary mask.

And here's one from our visit to friends, with a whole different kitchen to play with.

Finally - I didn't have anywhere to put this picture so it can be tagged on the end here.  Both children are loving their cereal at the moment and, as long as you're ready to refill, breakfast time is quite a peaceful time at the moment.