Sunday, 12 October 2014

A weekend at home

I quite often save my posting (and taking) of photos for when we have a weekend away or a special event or something.  My camera's been languishing in the cupboard and so I thought I'd take it out this weekend and just photograph some of the things we do.

So here's Tom in a normal weekend morning pose - having done some colouring (not entirely on the paper, you'll notice).

Meanwhile, Marisca was working hard at her alphabet, entirely unprompted.  I'm pretty impressed, although she has more than enough Es to go around.

Later on Marisca and I went down to the local produce market.  It seems to be picking up again, with 10 or 11 stalls today, and we picked up some good sticky toffee pudding, some cheese, and some sausages.  And today there was a crepe stall and we happened to need a snack, so Risky chose a chocolate one.  She was quite excited.

Later on in the evening we did go out - another event in city park (the Bradford Shine festival).  The kids enjoy being out a bit late, having tea out in a cafe, and wandering around with glowing sticks looking at the lights.Similar to Light Night in Leeds last week, but smaller and less busy.

And then today, we had planned earlier to go out for a short walk.  The day started very foggy and gloomy, and hadn't improved by the time we left church, but had fixed itself shortly after lunch to turn into a lovely sunny autumn day.  We had a 1.5 mile(ish) walk around Chellow Dene, a very local pair of reservoirs and wooded area in Bradford.  We've not been before but will again.  Suitably sustained with flapjack and orange juice, the children both walked much of the way, enjoying exploring and playing.

And although they still fight (and Tom was in tears 10 seconds after this photo), it's nice that they're enjoying playing together and interacting more and more.  Here Marisca is helping Tom to do up his backpack.  Even more surprisingly - it's actually her bag.  Cute.