Tuesday, 31 May 2011

My little girl

I've not written many words recently, it's all been about the pictures. I thought I'd mention how much fun Marisca seems to be having in her new house. She's learned to climb stairs and now has three flights to tackle. She's got a lot more space to crawl around, and loves crawling round and round the armchair. She loves being chased around it even more. She has a little yard to play in that we spend quite a bit of time in and enjoys playing with (destroying) the plants. She's even learning the things that she shouldn't touch: she still touches them but then turns to us and sagely shakes her head.

She is quite a handful sometimes and seems to have frequent unhappy moments, which are either a sign that she is a little unsettled or is just what happens as she grow up, but she is still absolutely adorable.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Birthday part 2

Here are some more photos of a girl with a birthday. From the birthday party we had with the Crockers just after her birthday. We enjoyed more birthday cakes and lots of playing. Marisca also likes the special party jacket that Mummy made her, as well as dancing with Gran.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Out and about

It's so lovely being somewhere in which we like to be out and about. Bedford was fine - we didn't need too much convincing of that, but here it's really nice. We're making the most of the nice May weather to get Marisca (and ourselves) outside. We're tidying up the yard at the back of the house to make it a little more Marisca friendly: she just loves being out there and feeling the textures of the plants and stone. It's a little disturbing when she crawls over and hauls herself up on the gate then shakes it as if she's trying to escape though.

More photos of the garden will follow, I'm sure, but for now here's a few of being out and about: at the top of Baildon Moor (our nearest trig point, less than an hour's walk), and up on the rocks at Shipley Glen (about a mile).

Happy Birthday!

I think Elspeth will write more completely about Marisca turning One; my task is photographs! We had a lovely day where we just spent the whole day with Marisca and nothing else, and I took lots of photos of my little girl. Below are some of my favourites.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A moving day

So, we moved. The house that we have known for 6 years, and the only one that Risky has known is now lying empty (except for a cupboard of pickles) and we're up in Yorkshire now. I'm sure Marisca's already developing her accent.

Since this is her blog, I'll not tell the story of the move. It's not really that interesting anyway: it all went smoothly. Instead here's a few pictures taken on the day and beforehand.

Marisca welcoming at the door of Coventry Road.

And again at Bingley Road. I've never spent much time in either Coventry or Bingley.

Two care-worn spots in Marisca's room. The first the suqashed piece of carpet where mummy or daddy would stand by Marisca's cot, sshhing and patting, sshhing and patting, sshhing and patting. The second a carpet groove and chipped skirting board where the rocking chair sat. These barely noticeable indentations meant more to us than anything else upon seeing our rooms emptied.

Lastly, Marisca looking tiny in our old bedroom. I don't have any similar photos in the new house, but if I did she'd look even more lost!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

We're back

We've now got our broadband in our new house! We've a lot to catch up on that'll trickle onto the blog in the next few days, but in the mean time here's one shot of Marisca helping reorganise our CDs.