Sunday, 31 October 2010

Autumn colour

We took advantage of the lovely weather this weekend to get out on a Walk. We headed to the Ashridge Estate near Berkhamstead, a beautiful area of beech forest on the edge of the Chilterns. The autumn colours were stunning:

This also provided Tim and Marisca with an opportunity to try out their new mode of transport, a proper hiking backpack:

Tim has wanted one of these since the day we found out I was pregnant, so he was really pleased that Marisca is now big enough to make use of it. She enjoyed the views from her new vantage point and had a quick power nap when she wanted one.

After afternoon tea and a quick outfit change, Marisca enjoyed playing with the autumn leaves:

Visiting my cousins

I had a lovely time last weekend visiting my cousins. Mostly I hung out with Elliot as he is my own age and doesn't play funny games that I don't understand. I did have lots of cuddles with Izzy too though.

There was plenty of space on the floor for both of us to roll around on, and we were so mobile that I'm surprised that Daddy managed to get a photo of us in the same place facing in the same direction!

We went swimming on Saturday which was fun, and went for a walk to the park on Sunday. Of course Elliot and I didn't walk - we're too important to have to walk to places, we have people to push us around instead.

Maybe next time I'll be big enough for the swings too!


Marisca's got consonants. I'm sure during the week she's going mamamamamamama all the time and it's just at the weekend when I'm home that she switches to dadadadadadadadada, and I'm equally sure that she has no idea why it makes me grin so much, but it's lovely all the same.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


I love this photo of Marisca - Tim is less keen. What do you think? Gorgeous as always?

not really weaning

We have been quiet for a while, mainly because we haven't been taking many photos. Sorry. Marisca now notices the camera and tries to grab it, so photo sessions have to be very short!

Anyway, over the last couple of weeks we have been starting to introduce Marisca to food. Current guidelines are to feed only milk until 6 months so we have been in no hurry to start weaning. But Marisca is now fascinated by everything we are holding and frequently tries to grab it and get it to her mouth. I had to wrestle my flapjack away from her the other day and she cried - time to introduce her to other foods!

We're planning on following 'baby led weaning' - rather than puree-ing food and spooning it into her we'll let Marisca feed herself. She has the co-ordination to pick up food and will gradually learn how to handle different foods, and eventually swallow them. Even though we're not officially weaning yet, we've started letting Marisca try some fruit and vegetables. So far we've had banana:

And carrot:

And some pre-loaded spoons of yoghurt (I fill it and hand it to her, she smears it everywhere and eventually puts it in her mouth):

It's messy, and I have to resist my urge to 'help' her by guiding the spoon or food to her mouth: she'll learn soon enough on her own. We also have no idea how much she is eating - not much so far, as most is spat out. I'll spare you the description of her nappies, as that's where we look for evidence that food is passing through! But so far it's been great fun, watching Marisca as she learns about all the new textures and flavours that food can offer. We're really looking forward to our official start of weaning when she can try anything we're eating!

Saturday, 16 October 2010


Marisca likes sleeping on her front. Ever since she learned to roll that's how we've found her. Sometimes even with her little arm dangling out of the cot. How cute is that?

Monday, 4 October 2010

Five months

(our version of spots v stripes. I apologise for my bed hair, but it's such a lovely picture of Marisca I couldn't resist posting it).

Another month, and suddenly Marisca is a completely different person! There has been lots of development in the last couple of weeks: she's so much more aware of the world around her and is obviously fascinated by everything she sees. Not only does she now reach out for whatever you are holding, but she'll reach out for anything that takes her fancy. On holiday this week she managed to pick up a sugar packet from the pot on the table and pop it in her mouth! Meanwhile she is fascinated by anything we do: particularly watching us eat and drink while she's sitting on our laps.

As well as this the other new skill is rolling over. Marisca can now flip from her back to her front. I'm not sure she knows she's doing this just yet, but I'm sure that will come! Thankfully, she's always loved tummy time so ending up on her front doesn't usually bother her.

Of course, the problem withthis new-found mobility is that she gets stuck. I've just had to go and rescue her from the corner of the cot where she'd got wedged while trying to get to sleep. She's fighting sleep a lot more now in the evenings: I think she wants to stay awake and try out her new-found skills. As with everything, I'm sure this is a phase and it will pass.

She is still our beautiful little girl, and getting bigger by the day. We're looking forward to all the development this month, at the end of which we've got the excitement of weaning to look forward to :-)