Saturday, 21 March 2015

Reading and babies

Of late Tom has really started enjoying playing with his babies and teddies in small world play. Feeding them, putting them to bed, and playing hide and seek with them. It's quite lovely.
And he loves reading of course. So to turn away from the rugby just now to see him putting green baby to bed and reading Charlie and Lola to him was quite lovely.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

We love books

We have just celebrated World Book Day, so it seems like a good time to talk about the children's relationship with books. It is fair to say they both love them.

Marisca got to dress up as her favourite book character at school - after some negotiation with me (no, Elsa from Frozen is not a book character, even if there are now books about Frozen available), we settled on the Little Mermaid:
This was princessy enough for Marisca, and booky enough for me, so we were all happy.

Marisca's reading ability continues to amaze us, but what is just starting to happen is her ability to lose herself in books for a long time. This was our latest haul from the library this week (spot the theme):
I haven't actually read any of these books to Marisca: she wants to sit and read them by herself. This is a new development : while she still loves being read to, and reading to us, she can more and more often be found snuggled in a corner with a book all by herself. Sometimes convincing her to put the book down and do other things is difficult:
I am so glad she is developing this love of reading. Marisca is the type of person who gets bored easily and can find it hard to think of ways to entertain herself - her default setting is to ask to watch TV. So it is lovely to see her finding something she loves which keeps her entertained. I am looking forward to introducing her to so many books over the next few years!

Meanwhile, Tom has suddenly left board books behind and is loving longer stories. He loves Thomas the tank engine and Hairy Maclairy and his nursery reports always mention him reading books. This is what happens when I try to tidy up their bookshelves when Tom is in the room:

I think every day is a book day in our house!