Friday, 2 January 2015

Christmas 2014

Well we've had a very nice Christmas.  It's heading towards being over - we're home from our New Year travels - although there's still cheese and chestnuts to be eaten and the tree will remain up for a day or two yet.

This Christmas was spent at home - my first as churchwarden so I was on duty.  We got up to some traditional and untraditional things, as illustrated below.

Untraditional: pretending to be an elf and a snowman after going up the tramway to see Santa.  Also untraditional, not bursting into tears at the sight of Santa.

Traditional: looking for presents at the bottom of a stocking.  Both children were heavily into presents this year - actually, Marisca was remarkably even tempered about it but Tom was mad keen for presents.  His, anyone else's, he didn't really mind.

Traditional: Redcurrant jelly with Christmas dinner.  Untraditional: only eating the redcurrant jelly.

Traditional: hats.

Traditional: Christmas film (room on the broom I think).

Traditional: a bit of a walk and a cafe.  Tom enjoying playing with the Curl Originator.

Careless: taking a nice photo of the children with the sun behind me.  Even the curls couldn't shield Tom from its glare.

Traditional: posed family shot.

Untraditional: a stop on the trip down to Bristol to Do Engineering

Untraditional: Doing Science involving dancing raisins.

Traditional: pottering around town on New Year's Eve

Traditional: getting home to realise that this is the only photo I took of the cousins who all had such a lovely time playing together.  And none of the siblings.  Oh well, next year.