Sunday, 10 January 2016

Christmas has passed this blog by

I've had my camera with me most of Christmas but don't seem to have taken very many Christmassy pictures.  But here are a few.

Before Christmas we went on the Santa tram again - up the tramway at Shipley Glen to see Father Christmas.  It was quite a long wait but that didn't stop the excitement.

Probably Marisca's favourite present - at least on and around Christmas - was her princess mask.  I could have found half a dozen pictures of Marisca striking this particular pose with her mask on!

Um, no pictures of the lovely Christmas dinner we had at Grandma and Grandpa's, or the boxing day salmon.  But here is a little boy rather wanting lunch to hurry along.

A fast moving Thomas on a boxing day walk around Willen Lake.

And back home again to Mary and Jospeh costumes from next door - which then became the favourite present for a good few days.  "Where's my Joseph?"