Tuesday, 28 June 2011


We have a walking girl.  No photo or video of this yet, but since the weekend she's been happily toddling (slightly unsteadily) across the room on a regular basis.  The look of happiness on her face as she does so makes me feel very proud!

Friday, 24 June 2011

A walking holiday

I have just got back from my first walking holiday, with Mummy and Daddy.  They walked, I rode on Daddy's back which was very good fun.  We walked 90 miles from our house to Bowness on Windermere, following the Dales Way.  Mummy and Daddy say they will put up a full holiday diary on their walking site later, so here are some photos to show what I did on my holiday.

Here we are outside our back door at the start of the walk.  I am unimpressed because Mummy made me wear a sunhat.  Don't worry, I managed to lose that by the end of the walk!

Here I am on Ilkley Moor, enjoying the sunshine (and the sunhat...)

Daddy and I got up to all sorts of fun together, including these stepping stones:

And I made lots of new friends, like this duck:

 But my favourite animals are sheep.  We saw lots and lots and lots of sheep along the walk, and I pointed them all out to Mummy and Daddy.

We had lots of picnics.  I like picnics, as I can crawl around and eat at the same time.

And there were lots of nice views to admire along the way:

 I helped Mummy with the map reading:

And here I am at the end.  Look!  Someone built a seat for me to stand on!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Thirteen months

There's a lack of photos of Marisca for the last month or so - I blame moving, but I've been blaming that for a lot of things recently, including my lack of updates of this blog.  I missed 12 months, but Tim posted lots of pictures so you could see how much fun we all had.  Now we're at 13 months!

Marisca is really turning into a toddler now - in fact, we're expecting the first toddling steps any day.  She can pull herself up and cruise round the furniture with no problems, and can even stand up from sitting without needing to pull herself up on anything.  Her favourite game is chase, where she crawls away from us, looks to see if we're following, and when we do she crawls away again.  Her favourite toys are books: she will drag them over to us to read them and has just started 'reading' them to herself, complete with pointing fingers and burbling commentary.  Her favourite foods are bread, porridge, yoghurt and bananas.  Her favourite sign is 'more' (related to food)!

Looking at her now, it's hard to believe she's the same little bundle we brought home from hospital just over a year ago.  But looking back over photos you can see the gradual changes that have turned her into the beautiful little girl we play with every day.  Let's see what the next year will bring!