Friday, 21 February 2014


I was going to call this post 'growing up', until I realised that this is what the whole blog is really about.  So instead I went all literal and called it hoovering.  Because this is about hoovering.  Or dysoning, or whatever Marisca's children will call it once Hoovers have all gone and everyone starts to wonder why we call it hoovering.

Marisca used to hate hoovering.  Not doing it herself - but anyone doing it near her.  She's never been a big fan of loud noises.  But the other day Elspeth was hoovering around Marisca and she asked to have a turn.  She kept at it for a good few minutes.  Along with the washing up and putting her toys away she's starting to become a useful person to have around the house.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

It's been a while

Usually when we have a bit of a break on the blog it's because nothing much is going on.  I think this time it's just been a busy and tiring January, but we've definitely got stuff going on.

Thomas now walks.  Maybe 3 weeks ago he took his first steps, 5 of them all in one go, and grinned widely at us.  He's still only managing a few in a row, but now will happily stand around for a while before waddling over to find something new to play with.  It's great!

Marisca now reads.  It's constantly astounding that every few days her speed at reading new words, and more complex words, increases.  She seems to enjoy it too, when she finds a word she can't get (anything over 4 letters now) she happily tells us she'll sound it out, and comes up with a passable pronunciation.  Not too surprising, she's enjoyed books since before she was Tom's age.

And Elspeth and I are having fun too.  No new skills, although my running is improving, but we're getting a bit more sleep as Tom wakes less frequently in the night.  We even managed a night away for a friend's wedding.

Here we are enjoying the swings at Temple Newsam.