Monday, 25 April 2011

This Little Baby

This Little Baby: a book review by Marisca Mosedale.

Mummy and Daddy say that this is the best kind of book because I got it for free from Bookstart. Except for What Have You Got, Mr Croc, this is my favourite book and I regualrly unearth from wherever it gets hidden after the last 20 times we read it. The narrative isn't great, to be honest, but it does have a punchy ending, which I'm loathe to give away. Suffice to say that the last baby is "the one I love best", and I'm not particularly comfortable that the reader is forced to embrace their narcissistic tendencies just by finishing the book. Throughout the book the rhyming meter is maintained if not the factual accuracy (the little baby who plays with his toys is not a little baby).

Depite its weaknesses I enjoy this book, largely because of all the babies in it that I can wave hello to.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter

Things will be quiet on here for a while: we move house on Tuesday/Wednesday and will have no internet access for a week or so.  We'll be back just after The Girl's birthday!


Playing peekaboo with Daddy at Danish Camp on Saturday:

Friday, 8 April 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I had to wait eleven months, but I finally got to celebrate Mother's Day:

Here I am with my beautiful daughter and her present to me. The mug was originally full of chocolates - they hadn't all been eaten by the time this photo was taken but didn't last long!

To celebrate Mother's Day we headed off to Woburn Safari park. Despite living so close, we had never been before and thought we should enjoy it before we move.  Marisca wore her zebra dungarees to try to blend in with the animals.

As it was Mother's Day I got to carry Marisca in the sling - something Tim and I both love doing and usually both want to do.  There were lots of families there with their children, but we didn't see any other slings.  I'll save my thoughts on that for another post... Marisca enjoyed herself, saying hello to the goats:

And the penguins:

We also went for a drive round the safari park bit, which allowed Tim to use his telephoto lens while we all got up close to some rather impressive animals:

I had a lovely day, really enjoyed the park, but enjoyed it even more for sharing it with my beautiful girl. Seeing her delight and interest in the animals was lovely: such a difference from the little scrap of a thing we took for a walk on Father's Day.  We're planning lots more adventures over the summer and I can't wait to share them with Marisca...

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Eleven months

Eleven? How did that happen? Somehow eleven months seems surprisingly old: I do not feel ready at all to have a one year old, and that is rushing towards us.

This month has been all about new motor skills. Here is Marisca's first attempt at walking with her walker:

this was taken just over a week ago and is out of date already. Now she can toddle across the room with her walker with no problems at all, except for the fact that our rooms are so small that she keeps reaching the wall. That will change soon enough, but for the moment I keep having to turn her round and send her on her way again.

The other skill is putting things in things:

Marisca has been taking things out for quite a while, but putting things in is the new fun thing to do. You can see her working out which things are larger and which smaller, and how they fit together. All good fun!

Friday, 1 April 2011

More swings

We visited another set of swings last week, visiting Catriona and Ian in Moulton. They had a big swingy thing which Marisca didn't-mind-as-much-as-usual, and a zip slide which I loved. Marisca was tightly enslinged, and it wasn't so much a zip slide as a slow swoosh slide.


Elspeth has posted quite a few pictures of Marisca eating in her high chair - and we've certainly got plenty more - but she doesn't only eat there. We were enjoying a little snack from Graze and Marisca poddled over and helped herself. I think she ate most of the rest of the packet!