Monday, 26 October 2015

I went to Hardcastle too

It was really nice to be out walking in the woods with everyone today.  A beautiful sunny day, a good 3 mile walk which Marisca walked all of with barely a complaint (Thomas probably 2/3rds), and bat hat making for good measure.  I'm not sure that my photos were any better than Marisca's - except for featuring my lovely girl - but there was one ciew I liked (below) and lots of the children that I liked too, obviously.

Catching up

Ooops.  We've not blogged for a number of months.  I've not really photographed either, but here are a few out and about as Nostell Priory, our new "nature reverse" down at Hirst Lock, and a blackberrying walk in Hirst Woods.

Marisca the Photographer

Today we went to Hardcastle Crags.  Marisca chose to take my old camera with her - here are some of the results, plus her commentary.

I loved the view of it.  It was really fun!

I love Mummy because she's looooovely

This is a photo of a bit of broken wood with lots of autumn leaves and some rocks.

This photo is a gigantic crag with green on one side, and a bit of brown on the other, and silver in the middle.  Like a real rock should.

This is Daddy and Thomas crossing the stepping stones.  I love taking the pictures!

This sign shows an acorn tree.  We also saw a silver birch tree.

I love Daddy!  He's really funny.

This picture makes me laugh sooo much because my little brother's bat hat is the wrong way round.  It's really funny isn't it!

We had a really fun time and we loved going on the way home and the packed lunch.