Saturday, 26 February 2011

Daddy-daughter time

Tim commented the other day that there aren't enough photos of him and Marisca on the blog. So here are a few recent ones: they have been spending lots of time together at weekends, and even had a whole Daddy-daughter day on Thursday while I went to work!

Here they are sharing a slice of cake at the weekend. This shows how much Tim loves his daughter: he's not usually good at sharing food...

Here they both are at the end of the day when a bit tired:

And here they are having a cuddle while playing with the camera on Daddy-daughter day:

They both look quite nice in photos, don't they?

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


This is mainly for Daddy, who is still working away and misses his daughter. He commented the other day how much he loves seeing her exploring, so here she is finding out how wardrobe doors work.

Monday, 14 February 2011


Oooh, what's Mummy holding?

It's a mug. Mummy holds these alot. There seems to be some brown liquid in the bottom.

What's that Daddy? Why are you saying yuk? Don't you like coffee?

I think I'd like to try some. Now let me see... there should be a way of getting at this liquid...

(Note - the mug was practically empty, so no success this time! Our daughter is not a caffeine addict yet...)

Friday, 11 February 2011


My girl loves lunchtimes! Please admire her eating skills, especially the ability to eat off her arm as well as out of her hands. The wiggling to the side is to see Mummy, who is hiding behind the camera, and the clapping is pure showing off.

And doesn't the clock in our kitchen have a loud tick?

Monday, 7 February 2011


This weekend we made our annual visit to Anglsey Abbey to view the winter walk and the snowdrops - though this was the first year we actually saw any snowdrops, as last year was too cold for them...

Marisca had fun trying out a back carry in the mei tai with Mummy - nice and cosy, with Mummy's hair to pull on when she got bored!

As always, the best bit of the walk was the silver birch grove - beautiful white trees. It would have been very peaceful if it hadn't been full of other visitors:

Finally, we stopped off for some lunch. Marisca had some of Mummy's soup, some of Daddy's pie and finished off with a banana:

And just because it's lovely, here's a shot of a tired girl having a cuddle at the end of the walk:

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Nine months

Daddy swiped the best picture of Marisca standing up for an earlier post, so here's one which puts it in context: this is the state of our living room after Marisca has been up for a few hours. Crawling? Pah, old hat now. She can get wherever she wants to be, pull her toy basket out from beneath the TV and pull out any toy she wants to play with. Shame she hasn't learnt how to put them away again yet...

Other new things this month: two bottom teeth, which finally arrived after a week of grumbling, and separation anxiety. Marisca doesn't like meeting new people at the moment, and definitley doesn't like me leaving the room. She's therefore learning how to make a cup of tea as she comes with me while I do that these days!