Friday, 25 April 2014

Corn on the cob

Once it cooled down enough, Tom got the hang of sweetcorn.  He didn't quite know when to stop though...

Thursday, 24 April 2014


A fun new sport

Easter egg hunt

Probably the most fun that Marisca had over the weekend was doing a mini easter egg hunt in the garden.  27 little wrapped up eggs, and I'm pretty sure Marisca found her fair share of them.  It was lovely to see her dashing about and how excited she was when she found one.  The others enjoyed it too, of course, although Tom managed to avoid it - I'm not sure he'd have been as patient in putting the eggs back on the tray pre-divestment as the older children!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Easter at MK

Just back from a nice Easter weekend at MK with Family Mosedale.  Lots of lovely times and upsides from the trip.  The downside was definitely the M1 between junctions 28 and 30 which had major delays/closure due to accidents on both our southbound and northbound trips, making for longer journeys than anticipated.

Of course Marisca had fun with her cousins and was scampering around with elliOt most of the time.  Here are three of them waiting for birthday bbq to appear...

Tom just had lots of fun scampering around on his own.  Especially out in the garden where he demonstrated an ability to climb onto and crawl along the garden wall.  With an odd look on his face.

Shock news, Marisca enjoyed some reading...

Thomas spots the camera while the other chaps engage in conversation/listening to Elspeth and Grandma talking.

And some fun with Andy, drawing around hands and showing off her daisy chain bracelet.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Saltaire Primary School

So today was the day that parents of 3 and 4 year olds over the country found out where their children would be going to school.  I'm pleased that Marisca has a place at our first choice, Saltaire Primary, the local school.  So local that when we were talking about whether the school had a back gate, I realised that if it didn't it would add at least 50% to the journey time!

Marisca has been looking forward to going to school for a long time, and we hope she'll be happy here.

Travelling by Tuba

I had a trip out with Marisca this afternoon.  Elspeth had bought us tickets to go and see Travelling by Tuba in Leeds.  We had a wonderful time.  It was nice for me to have a bit of time and an adventure with Marisca during the week, and I'm pretty sure she had fun too.  To be honest, she was more excited by the 'kind bunny' who gave her a balloon at the bagel cafe, than by the concert.  But I will remember her marvel at the noises of some of the instruments, and her sheer pride in herself for conquering her fear and having a go on the alpine horn.

On the train to Leeds:

A very sticky honey bagel!

"Take a picture of my ticket please"

Before the concert having seen the tuba(s) on stage...  When they started playing she turned to me and said "Daddy, it isn't too loud at all!"

And on the way home, circa 15 seconds before the balloon burst

Saturday, 12 April 2014

The many faces of Marisca

Take a picture of my flower face, Daddy!

Silly face #1

Silly face #2

Surprised face

Grumpy face (we know this one well)

Angry face

And tired face.


Tom, it is fair to say, is into mark making.  Normally we discourage this activity based on the places he chooses to make marks when we leave Marisca's felt tips lying around.  But to come home yesterday and find the children happily painting together was lovely - and not a bad bit of art, either.

Tom's cars

Tom loves to line up his cars. Future career as a parking attendant in the offing.