Sunday, 11 December 2016

Sleepy Shepherd

Marisca had her first starring role this week, as *the* sleepy shepherd in "the Sleepy Shepherd".  And she did brilliantly well.  Her own microphone, half a dozen lines, two performances, all delivered well.  I was amazed at her confidence: not really with the lines, but at times she was dancing and doing the actions to the songs on her own on the stage in front of a couple of hundred people.  This from the girl who doesn't want to go to the front of church to join in with action songs...  She's quite shy about it now but she really was fantastic.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Turning 4

Turning 4 has been a big thing for Tom.  He suddenly realises himself capable of things like getting dressed and undressed entirely by himself.  He also realises that he simply can't wear clothes that are aged 2-3 and the like.  I'm sure you can see from the photos below how grown up he looks with his big boy haircut, but also how silly he can look too.

Happy birthday Thomas x

Catching up on a day at the YSP

My camera's not seen much use recently.  Here are some nice ones I found from a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park recently.