Sunday, 28 June 2015

A weekend in Settle

All week Marisca has been telling people that she's going camping.  And she's going to have a better time than last time, when she was poorly and had a sore ear and a sore throat.  And it's true, she did have a better time and consequently we all did!

We stayed at Langcliffe Park just outside Settle, the site of Tom's first camping.  I'm struck by how cold it was last time we were up there, as well as by how much more time I seemed to have to take photos. There are fewer this year but still enough to get the flavour of the weekend.

We stayed in a different part of the campsite which was really nice - secluded, tree lined, and with plenty of space.  The weather was good enough for shorts and an open tent to 'play' Uno.  Tom'#s first attempt and he can match colours and numbers, if not really remember that this is how you play the game.  The cards proved fun for the weekend though.

On Saturday we went for a walk at Ribblehead.  I think the book said 2.6 miles and it took us 3.5 hours.  This may be the slowest walk we've ever done but it was lots of fun.  We have a 'Little Adventurers Book of the Yorkshire Dales' (or similar title) which is great: lots of things to find/do/tick off on the journey which keeps Marisca occupied.  As do signs en route (like mother like daughter...).

Risky enjoyed the really big viaduct, and counted all of the arches.  Most impressive (and I've just remembered this), when I asked her whether she noticed anything about the walls in between the 6th and 7th arch (every 6 arches in fact) she said they were bigger because they had to be strong because trains were really heavy.  Not bad engineering knowledge.

Tom also got in on the sign reading act...

One of the things to look out for was this number as we went under the viaduct.  Marisca took this photo and I look forward to showing her it on the blog.  

A picture of Tom with his tickle stick...

And then for some reason I didn't take any photos of the rather nice picnic spot we had, the hopping over little stones in the stream, or the (lots of) clambering over limestone outcrops (Tom: I'm clambering!  I'm clambering!).  Or Tom walking/running most of the last mile back to the car, making good use of pretend red and green lights to take a breather, and then haring off again.  

Being a sunny summer saturday on the three peaks route there were a *lot* of walkers variously striding and trudging out, meaning that there was a long queue for ice cream once we found the van (ticking off the last thing on our list), but that just gave chance for a few more photos.

And, well, it wouldn't be camping without a picture of a child bathing in the washing bowl. Seems I like taking photos like this. And this.

James & Daniel's Wedding

We had a Saturday out in York at James & Daniel's wedding - barely even far enough to be a day trip making it easy to take Marisca & Tom, for them to have very late nights and us to be home and in bed by midnight.

It was really nice to be at the wedding with the guys over from Colorado and old university friends from the south west - not quite so far but still a long way from us.

A few photos below.  Starting with a pair of poses reminiscent of a couple of flag based photos of my youth.