Monday, 29 August 2011


Yesterday, having been inspired by a photography workshop on Saturday, I started off trying to take pictures throughout the day, as a pictoral history of my day. It didn't turn out to be the best day for that, but it did give me a reason to sneak into Marisca's bedroom at waking time to get a photo of her waking up. So here's a very sleepy girl, who is then doing what she always does once she's woken up: hand us her teddy.

It also shows how poor my camera is at high ISO...

Quick reminder

We've just had 45 minutes of Marisca poddling about and bringing us stories to read before bed. Very standard but lovely way of filling the time between bath and bed. For the past few weeks she's been bringing books over as we sit in her comfy cushioned corner, handing them over, and then turning round and plonking herself into our laps to read the book together. It really is very, very nice.

Sunday, 21 August 2011


I'm catching up on camera stuff this evening, which includes pictures of Marisca. We spent a long weekend camping in Edale with Mary & Stewart a could of weeks ago. First camping of the year, so although we knew Marisca could handle it last year, it was a bit of a voyage into the unknown. Thankfully the weather was at no point worse than drizzly. We'd all been a little unwell in the few days before we left, but this also cleared in time for the weekend, and a lovely time was had. We're now looking forward to the week camping in the Lakes at the end of next month.

Breakfast was mostly porridge and entirely devoured (she ate Elspeth's too):

The grass was long and the field sloping but that didn't stop the girls poddling off to play.

We had a nice walk above Ladybower, including a view back up to Edale and our campsite.

Marisca is still small enough to bathe in a washing up bowl!

And Marisca has already worked out that whisky is the best drink for an evening on a campsite. It took me quite a few more years than she's had to come to that conclusion!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Fashion parade

A parcel arrived this morning from my Mum, aka Gran.  She has recently got a new sewing machine so has been trying it out.  Here are the results, modelled by the recipient:

A lovely pink dress, and showing off standing on the trolley. (I didn't take any photos of a bit later when it tipped forward and sent her sprawling on the floor...)

This is also a dress, made of two different fabrics.  I couldn't get a good photo of her standing up as she was too busy playing with her tractor.

Top and trousers - very stylish.  Apple, model's own and definitely not to be shared with Mummy.

Long sleeved top made of the same fabric as the trim on the trousers. Apple, still not for sharing...

What a lovely new wardrobe!  Many thanks to Gran.  We're looking forward to showing these off in public over the coming week...