Sunday, 1 February 2015


Another Winter's day out so we chose an indoor venue.  Except that Magna is inside an enormous metal building, and felt colder inside than out.

So we headed straight to the Fire Zone or Pod or Portal or Whatever.  This was probably the coolest thing in the whole of this sciencey engineeringy place.  It's only a fire tornado.

And this is the cutest thing: a small boy with a monster hat.

We had lots of fun in the Air Place, including playing atmospheres (Elspeth was particularly excited about this).

Earth zone?  Diggers.  Big tyres.  Transporting fake rocks using a variety of mechanisms.  Popular.

The water zone was clearly too wet to allow photography.  The super squirters were super though.

And then, after a nice lunch (we remain thankful that the children both really like baked potatoes), we explored the Very Extensive outdoor playground.

Well worth a trip, and with tickets turning into day passes for a year, I'm sure we'll be back.

Day out in Skipton

We're trying to get out and about for day trips to avoid chilly wintery malaise. Yesterday we went over to Skipton for a walk from Marisca's book of walks for little explorers. 2 and a half miles, some ice and snow, lots of things to spot and some too collect too.  Tom has been unwell so some fresh air did him good, and Marisca enjoyed the walk with only minor cajoling required.

He doesn't look like he's poorly, does he?!

After the walk we had lunch in a nice cafe and pottered through the shops and market, finishing, of course, at the milkshake shop. Marisca chose a refreshers milkshake, thus ensuring that I didn't pinch any, and they both enjoyed it. A good end to a nice day out.

Red one bus

I'm sure there are many wonderful things that will be forgotten in time. But u do not want to forget how Tom is learning to talk. One thing I particularly don't want to forget is how he thinks adjectives work. Instead of a red bus or a big cake he will talk about a 'red one bus' or a 'big one cake'. It's quite lovely.