Saturday, 14 October 2017

Summer holiday part 1 - Ironbridge

We enjoyed our summer holiday closer to home this year.  We started off with a week in Ironbridge, staying in Iron Bridge House, a Landmark Trust property.  It was one of the more conventional Landmarks, made special by the proximity to the bridge itself (it's the building in the middle of the photo below).

On the way down we stopped at Dunham Massey, a national trust place.  They had a carnival adventure type kids trail, which was quite a fun way of getting everyone around the gardens in good spirits, especially as it featured hula hooping!  We also enjoyed the very friendly deer, and some rather tasty ice cream.

And here is the view from the window on our first morning!

This was mostly a week of museums and industrial heritage, as you may imagine.  We walked from the house to Blists Hill, a nice woodland walk of a couple of miles.  Highlights of the day included doughnuts that match your hat, genuine Lloyds Bank victorian coinage, an inclined plane, and plenty of iron based bits and pieces.  And Marisca and Thomas had (and won) a race with a steam train.

When not at a museum we had a nice walk up the Wrekin, although it was maybe a little more tiring for the children than they expected...

Possibly our unexpected favourite museum was the Tile Museum.  Really interesting to see the extent to which tiling is used throughout our lives, and some very attractive designs.  We had our own go at artistic glass tiles (Thomas decided to make a sunshine), and enjoyed a walk around the neighbourhood following a tile trail.

Apart from that, and sundry other museums, we loafed around Ironbridge a little, reaquainting Marisca with tapas which she Absolutely Totally Loved, and frequenting the gin shop across the square from our house.  Three days wasn't really enough to cover everything in this little corner of the industrial revolution.

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